man x8                        3d x8                        odj x8 
​​​​​​​All photos are made in the same style, which allows you to use the set as diverse as possible. Ideal to use for creating online stores (by the way, we will show our version, a little bit later), the name in stock is 24 different but suitable clothing patterns for each other. 
If you are a UI designer, you can create a stylish online store, or a portfolio for a T-shirt designer.
And if you are a clothing designer, you can create a stylish presentation of your design … mmm … already I wanted to do something like that)) 
Where to get these mockups?
A full set can be bought here (-20%) - HERE
Free mockup - HERE
You can also buy each set individually

                                 Man x                                        3D x                                        obj.

                  Abobe        SET 01 * SET 02                           SET 01 * SET 02                          SET 01 * SET 02                                           Envato       SET                                                 SET                                                 SET 
This is mockup number 002 (full) from the “Clothing” series. Follow us, and soon (or already have a portfolio) will be new mockups series “Packing”, “Clothing”, “Special” and others…
Also write your wishes and we will try to create a mocap according to the popular request from you  

Thank's. See You

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